Coffee Shops

Brewed + Pressed

West Village | Uptown

“To Nourish is to Flourish.” Coffee + Juice

Tucked away in the quaint West Village area, this coffee shop is the perfect place to get away from the craziness and enjoy a little slice of organic heaven. This isn’t just a coffee shop, it has everything from beauty shots to savory sweets. Our favorite pressed juice is “Deep Roots” prepared with green apple, romaine, celery, cucumber, lemon & ginger. If you’re looking for a yummy but healthy shake, the “Blue Shake” is by far the best in our opinion but just ask the baristas Daniel and Clayton for their recommendations, they are the coolest!

Local Press + Brew

Bishop Arts

“Be Organic. Drink Juice. Drink Coffee. Be Local.”

We love our local coffee shops! This little gem serves up farm to bottle cold-pressed, organic juices that is made and sourced locally as well as classic coffee and espresso drinks. 

You can also find new art from local artist, music, and treats that showcase our community. So if you’re all about supporting small local business and keeping things green…this is definitely your place!

Magnolias Sous Le Pont

Harwood District


What’s not to love about a chic & cozy coffee shop? This little gem is tucked away in the Hardwood District behind the Rolex building. From the friendly baristas, comfy chairs, and soothing atmosphere, this unique spot is perfect to get away from the office or casually hang out with friends while enjoying a cup of Joe. 

“Eat, Sip, Repeat”

This cafe serves artisanal coffee, breakfast and fresh sandwich and salads as well as unique gifts and quirky cards. It’s French inspiration is carried throughout the cafe and it’s name Magnolias: Sous Le Pont means “Under the Bridge” in French, which is located under the bridge of 2727 in the district of Hardwood.

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